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I am a physicist with experience in building models to explain small- and large-scale phenomena in the universe. I have worked on the interplay between particle physics and cosmology, learning from the early universe how to build and interpret our models of particle physics.


I am currently seeking ways to explore machine learning using concepts and techniques inspired by theoretical physics. I am particularly intrigued about what artificial intelligence can teach us about nature and how it can change the way we do science. 



I am a theoretical physicist interested in machine learning. I was a postdoctoral researcher at the ICTP in Trieste (2019-2021) and at DESY Hamburg (2016-2019). Previously, I completed my PhD at the Institute of Physics of the University of São Paulo in Brazil, where I was advised by Gustavo Burdman. While in graduate school I had the opportunity to be a long-term visitor in different institutions. I visited the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT (hosted by Jesse Thaler) and the DESY Theory Group in Hamburg (hosted by Géraldine Servant).


Nayara Fonseca

IBM Research Europe

Daresbury Lab, Warrington, UK

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